Adventure Camp Tree House

Adventure Camp Tree House

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Challenge and adventure await at the Camp Tree House!
Challenge and adventure await at the Camp Tree House!
Join Emma and Stephanie at the Camp Tree House for a crazy climbing challenge! The camp leader, Joy, with her tamed eagle Elvis, will guide you as you scale the climbing wall over the waterfall. Then use your balance to master the turning bridge and reach the treetops. You did it! Now whizz down the slide to catch a fish and cook it in the kitchen for supper with your friends, then tuck up in bed before another adventure tomorrow.
Includes Stephanie, Emma and Joy the camp leader mini-doll figures in sportswear, plus an eagle and a fox.
Features a Camp Tree House on 3 levels with living space, waterfall, turning bridge obstacle, tire swing, vine, slide and a climbing wall.
The living space opens up and features opening windows, a kitchen with opening cupboard, sofa and stairs to an opening roof space for sleeping.
Outdoor accessory elements include a helmet, trophy, flags, fishing rod and a camera.
House accessory elements include a book, saucepan, cup, chicken leg, marmalade and a lamp.
Swing the Tree House open and open the roof for easy play inside.
Put on your helmet and use the grips on the climbing wall to make it to the trophy.
Balance on the turning bridge and jump on the tire swing to reach the treetop platform.
Use the camera to take a picture of the fox hidden in its natural habitat.
Take hold of the fishing rod while Joy and her tame eagle Elvis teach you how to fish.
Open the cupboards to find food and cook a meal in the kitchen.
Climb the stairs to rest in the beds under the opening roof.
This set offers an age-appropriate building experience for ages 7-12.
This set includes over 700 bricks.
Adventure Camp Tree House measures over 10” (26cm) high, 11” (29cm) wide and 4” (12cm) deep.
Combine with 41120 Adventure Camp Archery and 41121 Adventure Camp Rafting for more Adventure Camp fun!


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