1950s Diner

1950s Diner

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The classic 50s style retro diner is recreated in detail as a playable display set! The idea was to create a diner with the classy build quality of the modular building series, but keeping the set small enough to be affordable.

The diner itself consists of around 900 pieces, is packed with as much details as possible, and includes lots of iconic features. This includes a jukebox, small but detailed kitchen, retro styled stools tables and chairs, a mini gas pump outside, a classic oversize sign complete with a 3D burger and fries on the roof, plus lots of other little details if you look closely! Topping it off is the stylish pink automobile, the ultimate symbol of 50's cool!

I hope the set will have a wide appeal as it can fit into anybody's LEGO world if they have the period modulars or a more modern style. There is a great balance between playability and display appeal so it's perfect for all ages!


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