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Servo Motor

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Power realistic steering with the Servo Motor!
Power realistic steering with the Servo Motor!
Drive your LEGO® Technic creations to a whole new level with the LEGO Power Functions motor made for the ultimate 4-wheel steering experience. Power through the turns like never before with ultra-realistic steering. Steer your Technic vehicle left, right or straight ahead with any one of 15 steering axle positions. Rotates 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise. It’s easy to add 4-wheel steering to your models with the Servo Motor’s front and back power outputs!
Servo Motor features 90-degree rotation clockwise or counterclockwise
Designed for use with LEGO® Technic elements and vehicles
Includes front and back power output ports for easy 4-wheel steering functionality
Steer 90 degrees in either direction with a total of 15 fixed positions!
Requires a Power Functions Battery Box (sold separately)
Add 4-wheel steering functionality to your models!


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New Lego Power Functions Servo Motor (88004)


New Lego Power Functions Servo Motor (88004)
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