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  • Mel Caddick

Master the Art of Creating your own Creatures, Planes and Autos!
Master the Art of Creating your own Creatures, Planes and Autos!

Get your creations moving! The models and handbooks in this set will lead you to master the techniques to create classic action models! Includes 3 separately packed bags of bricks, each with a matching book. Flight Designer will help you build great-looking airplane models as you take a tour through the history of modern aircraft! Creature Designer will have you designing and building moving limbs, toothy jaws and beastly bodies on your own! With Auto Designer, you’ll learn to use LEGO® Technic elements to add moving, spring-loaded functions to your creations. This set includes:

• 9 designs; 3 each for planes, creatures and autos. Build 3 models at a time, one from each theme.

• 153 official LEGO® building tips and techniques from the actual designers of the models

• Three 84-page Designer Handbooks teaching 6 LEGO Master Builder techniques

• Three exclusive LEGO MBA Level 2 Minifigures, each with a themed accessory build

• Access code to members-only online LEGO Master Builder Academy content at
, featuring additional tips and building instructions, special videos and technique demonstrations, skill tests and fun activities, and a gallery for you to show off your own custom creations

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Master Builder Academy Action Designer MBA Kit 20217


Master Builder Academy Action Designer MBA Kit 20217
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