Lennox' Lion Attack

Lennox' Lion Attack

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  • Adrian Florea

Protect the Lion tribes CHI with Lennoxs Lion Attack!
Protect the Lion tribe’s CHI with Lennox’s Lion Attack!

Crug is after the CHI powering the mighty Lion Attack vehicle. Catch him with the all-wheel drive then help brave Lennox to deploy the big claw attack. Load up the rapid-fire disc shooter and send that CHI-swiping scavenger back to the swamp where he came from! Includes 2 minifigures and a weapon.
Includes 2 minifigures: Crug and Lennox and a weapon
Features CHI, big claw attack function, all-wheel drive, lion head front and rapid-fire disc shooter
Includes Crug’s standard weapon
Power through the jungle with all-wheel drive!
Shoot the rapid-fire discs!
Fire the two flick missiles!
Protect the Lion tribe’s CHI!
Measures over 3" (10cm) high, 7" (19cm) long and 6" (16cm) wide


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LEGO Chima Crawley Claw Ripper 70002
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